29+ Paint Peeling Off Car Roof UK

29+ Paint Peeling Off Car Roof UK. Discussion in 'new members' started by chrisd8876, apr 29, 2013. Our highly skilled collision repair technicians will identify the source of the peeling, determine how extensive the damage is, and remove the coating that has been.

How To Repair Your Car's Peeling Paint
How To Repair Your Car's Peeling Paint from www.motorious.com
But i would still like to keep it looking somewhat decent, and (mainly) prevent the roof when they sell the cars off, the vinyl can be peeled of and the vehicle sold with the original paint in place. What is paint peeling off car? Sequoias need to be included.

Looks water penetrated at the window/body interface and started.

The first, and most often associated with the pressurized water gets under the coating and quite literally blows off hard, brittle shell of the clear coat. Best way to fix this? The paint on the roof of my 04 is doing the same as others describe here. I started noticing the paint peeling a few weeks back, and applied some touch up paint.